Friday, June 18, 2010

I need to figure what headset to buy. Will the real VoIP stand up?

Buyers often confuse their requirements when thinking about VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol describes the use of audio using the internet. Services like Skype, Yahoo Instant Messanger, AOL, MSN offer the ability for users to communicate over their computer. this is VoIP.

When searching for headsets users need to seek USB plug in units to make this work.

VoIP also supports many businesses without the need for a direct USB connection. For example, a business phone system can transmit voice over the internet but the user will still have a traditional looking phone sitting on their desk.

In this case, the user has a VoIP phone system and should seek a compatible VoIP headset that does NOT have a USB connection. Instead they should buy a headset with high bandwidth capability that will allow them to take advantage of the sound range available for the same money.

Headset buyers often don't know exactly what type of phone system they have before they look. Users should check with their IT person prior to their search or call the headset retailer for help. Good resellers will have the expertise to help guide the buyer in the right direction.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Headset Wearing Styles

I often get the question about what headset wearing style is better, over the head? Over the ear? Behind the neck? I always turn this around and ask what the customer prefers!

After all, I don't have to wear it. Choosing a wearing style comes mostly down to personal preference. People may not like things over their hear, or things in their ear or on top of their ear. We find that if headsets are bought ad given to people to use, they Will not use it unless they like the wearing style.

For example, a common issue among women is that many do not like wearing things over their head, so they move the to over the ear or behind the neck style.

People that are hard of hearing, they may opt for a binaural headset (two ears) so that they can get sound from both ears. This choice would force an over the head wearing style. Hearing aids may also restrict certain headsets from being properly fitted as well.

Fortunately, Plantronics makes headsets for almost every type of user's style and preference. Have a look, our company features the entire headset selection available. If you have trouble or want to save time, drop us an email or better yet call. We can usually narrow down the appropriate choices in a matter of minutes.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The difference between a Plantronics HW and H Series Headset

Plantronics has come out with a new technology called High Wideband width that is geared towards newer phones or those backed by VoIP technology.

These newer systems operate in a wider decibel range that is captured by the HW series headset. The bottom line is, users of these headsets can take advantage of the full decibel range of sound and hear better then if they used a regular H series headset.

For example, the H series headset operates at a range of 300Hz to 3400Hz, while the HW headset operates between 150Hz and 6800Hz.

A Plantronics H series headset will still work on a wide band system but not offer optimal sound. On the flip side, a Plantronics HW headset will work on a older system with no sound degradation.

When deciding on what to buy I would suggest buying the HW series where possible. Cost wise they are similar, and if you happen to upgrade your system, the HW headset doesn't need to be replaced.

Currently, Plantronics offers a limited selection of wearing styles which may not suit all users, so personal preference may take precedence.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Plantronics Headsets?

Our business is headsets and we know them well. Although not rocket science, for many people choosing a headset can be tricky. With the hundred of models of phones out there, how can one find the headset they are looking for? From wireless to wired headset models, finding the right one might not seem so easy.

Different phones require different connectors and it is not once size fits all. Here at, our job is to help you select the right piece of equipment so you can do your job with clarity and productivity. Ask us direct, we'll help you get straight to the point.

In our opinion, like any investment, headsets improve productivity and comfort for the user with pay pack far beyond the monetary cost.

Why Plantronics? As a business, we decided to become a Plantronics Connect Partner because Plantronics offers a wide selection of headsets for almost any situation with a reasonable price while maintaining tremendous quality and reliability. This our customers demand.

After testing several other brands, we found Plantronics offered the greatest amount of customer satisfaction with the leaset amount of hassle.

In addition, when problems do occur, Plantronics provides excellent technical support and a warranty replacement program that is second to none, in any industry.

Oh, did we mention they use Plantronics on the Space Shuttle?

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Features Plantronics Widest Selection

We want our customers to know we are experts in Plantronics headsets. Plantronics is the premium provider of headsets in the world offering high quality, well priced solutions.

As an Authorized Plantronics Connect Partner, features the entire line of offerings available. From ready to go end products and any supporting spare part or assessory available.

Not only can we supply our customer needs today, we can provide support for tomorrow.

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